Inclement Weather Policy

Weather Guidelines

The following information explains various weather conditions that may impact play at the Round Rock Multipurpose Complex, and how staff will proceed in weather conditions.

Inclement Weather

The Round Rock Multipurpose Complex reserves the right to cancel or suspend facility usage for games, practices and other events whenever field conditions could result in injury to players or spectators, or create the risk of damaging fields due to inclement weather. 


When lightning is detected within 12 miles of the facility, the complex will be considered closed for activity. The National Weather Service suggests that all personnel, athletes and spectators clear the fields and take shelter in a building or vehicle. The complex will not re-open until all lightning has cleared the 12-mile area for a period of 30 minutes. The Round Rock Multipurpose Complex will make a good faith effort to provide prompt information to user groups when inclement weather and/or inclement weather delays could potentially impact a reservation. During inclement weather, facility personnel will communicate with appropriate tournament/event organizers, as well as make corresponding announcements via the facility’s PA system when available.

For additional information or concerns about our policies, please contact the Round Rock Multipurpose Complex staff.