U.S. Quidditch Cup 11

US Quidditch Cup 11 will be held on April 14-15, 2018 at the Round Rock Multipurpose Complex in Round Rock, Texas. The facility has 10 full size soccer fields (five natural grass and five synthetic turf). Two of the fields are championship style with video scoreboards and bleachers. The clubhouse building overlooks both championship fields and has an upstairs, climate controlled space with private balconies and restrooms that will be used for our VIP lounge. There are numerous indoor restrooms on-site as well as shaded seating areas.

Players at US Quidditch Cup 11

88 teams. 2 divisions. 1 Quidditch Cup.
April 14-15, 2018 in Round Rock, Texas.

Click here for more information: US Quidditch Cup 11 Pools, Flights, and First Round Matchups

Vault 713: a reading challenge


From January 4 to April 15, readers 13 and under can participate in Vault 713. Read for fun for 7 hours and 13 minutes (433 minutes total) and win a prize – a discounted $10 weekend pass for US Quidditch Cup 11! Download a reading log here.

To participate, you need to read for fun for 7 hours and 13 minutes (433 minutes total). You can read books, magazines, newspapers, or comic books. Reading for homework or a class assignment does not count.

Use the reading log to keep track of your reading! List what you read and the time you spent reading. Have a parent or teacher initial this log every time you read. When you reach your goal, have your parent/guardian initial the form. Then, bring it to the entrance of US Quidditch Cup 11, held at the Round Rock Multipurpose Complex, on April 14 and 15. You will be eligible to get a discounted weekend pass for $10, so you can see all the games, learn how to play the sport, and more!


Round Rock Multipurpose Complex
2001 N. Kenney Fort Blvd
Round Rock, TX 78665

Phone: 512.341.3125
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