Sports Spotlight: Quadball

What was once based on a fictional book has been transformed into a highly competitive sport played by thousands of athletes across the globe. Quadball (formally quidditch) is a unique sport that is intense to play and a thrill for spectators to watch. Over the years, we have hosted multiple quadball events at the Round Rock Multipurpose Complex, including the US Quidditch Cup 11 and 12 and, most recently, the MLQ South Division SuperSeries. Here’s an inside look at this unique sport and the tournaments hosted in Round Rock, Texas. 

Quadball is a mixed-gender, contact sport that is fast-paced and keeps the players and fans on their toes. It is a mix between rugby, basketball, and dodgeball. Players must always run with sticks between their legs, which poses an additional challenge. Points are scored by throwing a volleyball (the quaffle) through any of three hoops at the ends of the field. Then beaters throw dodgeballs (the bludgers) at the players to knock them out of play temporarily. Additionally, the seeker from each team wrestles with the snitch runner to catch the flag (snitch) and gain points. 

The first game of quidditch was played in 2005 by a small group of players at Middlebury College in Vermont. Over time, it gained recognition and spread across the country, and transformed to quadball. It is now a popular sport that fosters athletes’ physical growth and builds an inclusive community. 

2019 Quidditch Cup 12

We recently hosted MLQ South Division SuperSeries, where the top MLQ teams from the South Division competed for the title and the chance to advance on to the MLQ Championships. We had the chance to meet players from the Austin Outlaws and hear about their journey with quadball and their experience at the Multipurpose Complex. We talked to Austin Outlaw keeper, Augustine Monroe, about his journey. Augustine joined the sport in undergrad at UT Austin and reserved judgment and gave it a chance. He now uses quadball as an outlet in his life and feels fulfillment in the purest form when he plays with his teammates. The diversity and inclusiveness of the community are his favorite things about the sport. Quadball fosters personal growth through exposure to various perspectives and experiences. Augustine has fond memories of playing quadball and flag football at the Multipurpose Complex and looks forward to future competitions in Round Rock!

Augustine Monroe playing in the SuperSeries.
Photo Courtesy of Major League Quidditch

We are honored to host quadball events at the Round Rock Multipurpose Complex and be a part of this special community. We enjoy hosting it because it has a unique field configuration, brings a diverse group of athletes and spectators, and is magical to watch!  

US Quidditch 2019 Video

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